4 Best Materials To Use With A Laser Cutter

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A laser cutter is a perfect tool because of its incredible capabilities. There are many materials to choose from that can be lacerated ranging from arcylic, cork, paper, different kind of metals and wood, making the best tool to use. There are many mechaisms that come with using this type of machinery, which is dependent of the kind of material that is being slashed. Today, we’re going to scratch beyond the surface of the most suitable materials for a laser cutter can use and how the tool should be used to get the most out of it.

4 Best Materials to Use with a Laser Cutter

Cardboard and Paper

The baby of wood. Cardboard and paper! Perfect for artists, architects, and other professionals requiring a heap of paper materials. This laser cutter will allow you to soar through any paper or cardboard material, swiftly and efficiently. In this case, you will get onto your artists and design projects in no time. There are many kinds of uses that come out of this including making wedding invites, expressive drawings, and other types of artistic expressions through the line of paper. It is no wonder why many different creative professionals use a laser cutter in their work.


There is an extensive selection of different metals to choose from such as aluminium and steel. Depending on the type of metal depends on how the laser cutter is to be used. Aluminium and other reflective kinds of materials are harder to chop up. This machinery can chop a metal material as big and wide as 30 millimetres. This all depends on the kind of laser cutter. The better the quality the more width the metal can be soared through. If its power is effective and efficient and the professional experience of the person using the machine.


One of the most commonly used materials for a laser cutter is plastic. Types of plastics that can be used by this machinery include Acrylic, Lucite, PMMA for instance. When used by the equipment it leaves material nicely chopped and ready for the next stages. Using the tool, the edges are quickly evaporated giving the material a more upkept and pristine look. POM is another example of a kind of plastic that can be soared through. This is mainly used in the engineering industry to create food packages to medical equipment. With this impressive range of applications, this machinery is incredibly versatile and helpful among a variety of industry professionals.


There are many kinds of wood that can be chopped with the incredible soaring tool. This spans from plywood, MDF and many other kinds of woods ready to be sliced up. It is particularly important to note to be careful when using a laser cutter to chop a wood material because it is prone to dangerously catching fire. This is because of its inclusion of oils and resin in the wood material. You definitely wood-ent want to catch fire while using the equipment. So, it is highly significant to take care when using a laser cutter for your wood materials.

A laser cutter is the ultimate tool to keep in your back pocket. There are many different kinds of materials to choose from depending on your goal ranging from metal, wood, plastic, paper and much more. With this range, this machinery is ideal for any industry looking to finalise their project quickly and efficiently. Ranging from engineering, artistry, trades, and many other industries, this tool allows workers to operate at the highest standard.

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