A Guide To Buying A Desktop Laser Cutter

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Are you considering buying a desktop laser cutter? They are a great and handy device but many people aren’t quite sure where to start when purchasing one for the first time and don’t quite know what it is that they are looking for. There are a lot of different products on the market so it can be daunting trying to make a decision. If you’re trying to choose then take a look at our guide below on choosing a desktop laser cutter. Whilst it won’t tell you exactly what products to buy it does provide a guide as to what you should consider before purchasing.

Select your manufacturer carefully

It’s important to select your manufacturer and the brand of your desktop laser cutter carefully. There are plenty of cheap imports on the market and while they might seem affordable, they’ll probably end up costing you more in the long run when they break and require repairs or simply fall apart. It’s important to ensure that the desktop laser cutter is made from high-quality parts and is from a manufacturer with a reputation for being reliable. You should also look into what kinds of warranties and support you can expect. Other questions you should ask yourself include whether or not you can easily get replacement parts and whether there is clear support available for replacing items. You should also look into whether or not there is much information online about the desktop laser cutter – are there tutorials, answers to your questions? How many people have reviewed it positively online and are there any complaints or issues that arise? One other important consideration you should think about is whether or not your desktop laser cutter can be upgraded as technology evolves.

Think about the size and power of your machine

desktop laser cutter

When selecting a desktop laser cutter, you’ll need to think about how you plan to use it and what kind of materials you want to cut with it. The ‘bed size’ of the machine will determine the size of the material you can engrave or cut. A bigger bed and machine will allow you to cut larger items or multiple items at once which can be useful when dealing with larger quantities, such as when producing jewellery for a business. You might also want to think about whether or not you need a fixed or adjustable bed. An adjustable bed gives you more freedom to cut or engrave different objects at different sizes. Whilst the depth of the cut won’t change it will allow you to engrave on unevenly shaped objects like shoes rather than simply on flat surfaces.

The next thing you should think about is the power of your desktop laser cutter. The strength of these machines is determined by watts. A higher level of watts means a stronger machine. The strength of the machine matters as it determines the thickness of the material you can cut. Less powerful machines may still be able to cut through thicker materials but it will be much slower and less reliable. If your budget is limited then it is generally best to opt for a larger cutting bed on a weaker machine as you may be able to upgrade it at a later point in time.


Another thing you should look into is the type of software the machine uses and how easy it is to use. If you’re a beginner then the more user-friendly your machine is the better.

Hopefully, some of these tips have helped and will make your decision easier when it comes time to make a purchase.

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