Finding Newcastle Self-Storage Options

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Got no space for all your possessions? Maybe you’re moving into a new apartment or home or feel like your possessions would be safer in a Newcastle self-storage facility? Newcastle self-storage can be a great solution for a range of issues but finding the right facilities can be confusing or difficult, that’s why you should read our helpful tips and tricks on finding the right facility below.

Choosing a Newcastle self-storage facility

If you’re looking for a facility then you should make sure you do your due diligence and research, research, research. Doing your homework is so important when it comes to choosing a provider because they’re looking after your precious possessions. There are a number of things you should think about including whether or not the facility is safe, whether it is close by, whether it is clean and tidy and whether it fits your needs. You should also think about features such as 24-hour access, surveillance or whether you need a temperature-controlled unit.

Consider the facilities and your needs

Most facilities will have a number of different Newcastle self storage options. Consider what you’re wanting to store and how much space you’ll need. Most facilities will offer many different options to suit your needs, from spaces the size of a locker to huge spaces big enough to fit cars, boats or trailers. Many will also offer indoor or outdoor options and it’s therefore important to consider what you actually need – avoid paying more than you need to.

Payment Options

Think about what payment methods will suit you. It’s important to pick a provider that has methods to make your life easier. Look for providers that accept online payment or automatic payments, this will make keeping up with your admin needs far simpler and can help you save money and hassle every month – you’ll be able to easily avoid late fees.

Do you need long term or short term solutions?

Facilities to store your possessions in both the long and short term. Finding a facility that offers exactly what you need can be complicated, however. If you need both a long and short term solution then look for providers that offer no fixed contracts for increased flexibility. No fixed contracts are also better for short term stays, if you’re moving house for example then it’s better not to have a long contract in place and will help to save you money. Having no fixed contract in place means you can more easily cancel your contract when you don’t need it anymore.

Packing materials

Before moving your things into a moving facility you should think about the type of packing materials you need. Keeping your things store and protected properly is extremely important but it can sometimes be difficult to find good storage provides. Looking for Newcastle self-storage provider that provide in-house packing services and sell a range of materials can make your life much easier. Save time and money by getting everything done in one place and avoid searching around for packing materials. Looking for providers that provide a variety of options from moving boxes, furniture covers, bubble wrap, and cling wrap.

It’s extremely important to find a provider that offers safe and reliable facilities as well as access to the things you need when you need it. You should also think about whether you need short or long term solutions, their payment options and whether features such as 24-hour surveillance is available. Make sure you also look into their booking options, payment options, and their pricing options and contract structure.


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