Tips For Online Internships

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Online internships are a great first step towards getting your dream job and their an option that make the most of modern equipment and skills. They are a great solution to the issue of finding time in a busy schedule for building up work experience – rather than having to spend 40 hours a week in an office, relocate, deal with a commute or try to fit work experience around the university and a job, you can get all the work experience you need from the comfort of your own home. Online internships open up a whole new world of opportunities and make work experience much more accessible for everyone. People who previously couldn’t afford to take part in or travel for work experience can now take part. There’s no office, dress code or travel to worry about because everything takes place virtually.

Many companies are beginning to catch on to the potential of online internships. They offer great benefits thanks to their flexibility but it can be tricky getting used to working on the web, so what should you keep in mind? Check out our tips below.


Get to know their work culture

Even though you’ll be working on the computer and over the phone or chat, it’s still important to get to know the people that you might be working with and get a good feel for how the company operates. Find out who the team is and work out what makes them tick. It’s important to find a company that a good fit for you and that means you should fit in well with the team and enjoy the work culture on offer. If you prefer a workplace that values a friendly, social vibe then there are some companies out there that just won’t suit you. Having a good experience with online internships is all about finding a company that makes you feel valued and like you belong – people are a huge factor in how valuable the type of experience you gain is and a huge part of the working world is learning to work well with a variety of different people. Your co-workers are important, even if you won’t be seeing them in person!


Timeliness is still important

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With online internships it can be easy to get your dream job. Working virtually requires a much greater deal of autonomous work which is a skill in itself. If you’re planning to gain work experience virtually than it’s important that you’re capable of displaying a high level of independence and that you’re able to get things done even without supervision. Whilst it might be tempting to answer emails later or to ignore tasks when you’re working virtually, things still need to get done. Treat online internships like you would any other job and make sure you get things done. Do your best to stick to a strict schedule and try your best to impress your new company.


Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help during online internships. You’re there to learn so there’s nothing wrong with needing to ask questions or get help. Whilst it might not be the type of help you’d get in person, you’ll no doubt find that your mentors are more than happy to get hands-on with you and give your advice and guidance.


Think outside the box

The great thing about online internships is that you can do them from anywhere. That means that companies and locations that might have been previously off the table are now possibilities for you. Search far and wide for opportunities to suit you.


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