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What To Know About Divorce Lawyers In Sydney

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The breakdown of a marriage can be emotionally taxing and painful and the process of separating can involve a lot of work. From dividing up assets to agreeing on parenting arrangements – there’s a lot to worry about when it comes to dealing with the end of a partnership between two people. Luckily having guidance and advice from divorce lawyers in Sydney can go a long way towards helping you throughout the process of getting divorced.

There are a number of tasks that divorce lawyers in Sydney can help you manage including applications, coming to agreements and negotiating with your ex-partner. Divorce lawyers in Sydney can help to take the weight off your shoulder in understanding legal proceedings and will ensure that your interests are properly protected.


What to expect from divorce lawyers in Sydney?

When you hiring divorce lawyers in Sydney you should expect to attend a meeting at your legal practitioner’s office for your first consultation. This is your chance to meet them and get to know them, it’s also an opportunity for them to get to know the details of your case and to answer any questions you might have about how the process works. In the vast majority of cases, you can expect that your divorce lawyers in Sydney will provide you with forms to fill out on the first meeting to get your legal divorce underway. This is also the time when your divorce lawyers in Sydney may speak to you about how they will potentially approach your case and how they want to approach it  – different divorce lawyers in Sydney will take different approaches so it’s important to find someone you feel you can comfortably trust to handle your case.


Think about how you want the matter handle

person signing a divorce certificate

It’s a good idea to take some time to think about how you would like to see your case handled before you go in for your first consult. Do you for instance want to keep things fairly amicable or would you prefer that your legal representative take a more aggressive approach? Some people are in a place with their ex-partner where they would prefer a more collaborative approach to proceedings and might prefer to undergo mediation whilst others may have circumstances in their relationships where they feel a firmer approach is necessary. If things are acrimonious with your ex-partner and there has been a history of domestic violence or other issues in the relationship, then a more drastic measure may be appropriate. At the end of the day, the legal professional should fit your specific circumstances.


What is required of you as the client?

Separating is a complicated process and you’ll need to work with your legal representative and their team to provide the documents and information they require. You’ll find that you are in touch regularly with your legal representative as the process takes place and they may request different kinds of information from you at different points throughout the process.

Your legal representative may ask you to fill in the blanks about some of the details of your relationship and will also get in touch with you to share details and other information.


It’s important to keep in mind throughout the process that legal proceedings around separation can be slow and often frustrating so be reasonable with your expectations. Court dates, paperwork filing and other issues outside of your solicitors control can make it a lengthy process so be patient and don’t jump too quickly to blaming your chosen legal representative if things aren’t happening quickly enough.

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